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Best Plants for Dark Low Light Rooms

Best Plants for Dark Low Light Rooms

These best plants for dark low light rooms will survive where most plants will not. The majority of the plants will become leggy or etiolated when grown in places with low light. This makes it hard to successfully keep plants in some rooms in the house. 

Best Plants for Dark Low Light Rooms

These indoor house plants will brighten up a corridor 5 meters from your doorway and brighten it up throughout the year. You can also keep them in dark bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. 

Low-light plants can typically be known as plants that can thrive in areas that are 4 to 5 meters from a bright window. 

Or a location with just enough light to read by, but where artificial lighting used during the day would make a big difference.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant, more commonly known as the Aspidistra, has long been used as an ideal house plant even for beginners. It has also been described as one of the toughest, tolerant, and most adaptable house plants.

The leaves are long and slender, in multiples of three to five, and are dark green or variegated dark green and white. They can grow to 75 cm tall and 15 cm wide.

In general, it is a low maintenance plant that is hard to kill. This plant thrives on very low light, average temperatures and humidity, and just occasional watering.

You can choose to buy your Aspidistra from your local garden center nursery. You can also buy the plants online from the many suppliers that stock them.


Aglaonemas are also known as Chinese Evergreens. In addition to requiring only moderate light, they also adapt well to low light.

The plants have large oval dark green leaves with tapering edges that are very appealing. There are different varieties of Chinese Evergreens to choose from depending on the owner’s preferences. 


Dracaena deremensis is also referred to as Happy Plants or Fortune Plants. They produce beautiful slender leaves that also have white variegation.

The Dracaena family produces plants with canes. Caring for these plants is not complicated and you can get them to grow and thrive easily.

Holly Fern

Holly ferns adapt quite well to low light conditions. Another type of fern to consider is the Boston fern. 

They are widely available in nurseries and stores. These types can stay in low light areas for extended periods. However, they still need a period of brighter light to rejuvenate. You can alternate them between low and bright light for years and they will thrive. 

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is more suitable for low-light conditions than many other palms. The palm produces beautiful leaves and is a great home decor plant. 


Sansevieria is also commonly referred to as Mother-In-Laws Tongue. It is one of the plants that can grow well in both low to very bright light. 

The leaves are waxy and upright and usually cream-colored with an unusual banding of grey/green in the middle.

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Final Thoughts

It can sometimes be difficult to get plants to thrive in a dark area of the house. Although most of these plants have been proven to the best plants for dark low light rooms, you have to find which ones work for your particular situation. 

I like experimenting until I find what works well. The Cast Iron Plant does well for me and is my go-to when I need a plant that will grow well where other plants especially the succulents are becoming leggy. 

I hope this post on the best plants for dark low light rooms was helpful. Please share it and also follow me on Multigardening Pinterest for more houseplant posts. 

Best Plants for Dark Low Light Rooms in the house

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