Best Hanging Indoor Plants

Best Hanging Indoor plants

20 best hanging indoor plants that are perfect for all types of hanging planters. However, not all of them will look good in them. Bushy, trailing ivy plants look great in your living room, but air plants work well if you don’t want to maintain long leaves.

Cotyledons Pendens

This is a plant that is bound to be a conversation starter. It produces long trailing stems with bright orange flowers at the tips.

Make sure to grow them in a location where they will get plenty of sunlight. Also, avoid overwatering as it can kill the plants. Check this post on Cotyledons Pendens Complete Care Guide.

String of Pearls

The String of Pearls is a fashionable plant with an eye-catching appearance. Their plump round pearls are filled with water to help them survive long periods of drought.

The sprawling nature of this plant makes it perfect for interiors with high ceilings or a lot of empty vertical space that needs fresh decor. If you have a green thumb, you could get your string of pearls succulents blooming white flowers.

Boston Ferns

Boston ferns like humid temperatures, but do not mind lower humidity levels. Their delicate feathery fronds make them a stunning sight to see when they’re kept in a hanging basket.

Nonetheless, keep these plants away from the ceiling in order to allow for proper air circulation. Boston ferns provide purification for the air and are safe for pets, so they make a good plant to keep in the bedroom or living room.

Air Plants

Air plants need no soil and thrive in any place with sufficient airflow. Most people like to hang air plants in terrariums filled with colorful vases filled with trinkets and decorations. Keep your plant somewhere with sufficient air circulation and bright light.


Arrowhead plants, also known as arrowhead vines and five fingers, are named for their leaves’ shape.

The leaves begin as an arrowhead shape and then develop several “fingers.” The plant will gradually grow into a long vine, so do not trim the leaves. They will grow nicely and long enough for a hanging basket.

Arrowhead plants prefer humid conditions, which makes them perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. They come in many different shades of green, pink and burgundy.

Birds Nest Fern 

These plants can grow onto other plants in the wild, which means they are epiphytes.

Their leaves take on the shape of the amount of sunlight they receive; more sun will make them scrunched up while less sunlight will make them flat.

As bird’s nest ferns thrive in tropical rainforests, they need humidity as well as a little sun.

One of the reasons to keep them in the bathroom is that the humidity in the air closely resembles that of the natural environment.

Burro’s Tail 

They are succulents, which mean that they can withstand long periods without water and prefer lots of sunlight.

The succulent family is known for its thick and fleshy leaves that allow it to retain water and thrive in a room with lots of space where it’s free to trail down and not bump into anything.

Chenille Plants

When given proper care, Chenille plants grow rapidly and can be as tall as 15 feet. In its native environment, this plant can grow up to 15 feet.

Despite this fact, this plant only grows around 6 feet when grown indoors. Prune back these hanging plants to promote new growth and make them last longer.

Its fuzzy red flowers, which are actually a bunch of pistils clustered together, are a welcome change of pace from the typical all-green houseplant. These colorful flowers are great for adding color and interest to entertaining spaces.

Golden Pothos 

The golden pothos’ leaves are variegated golden-yellow that gives it an elegant look. Provide your pothos with moderate amounts of light in order to bring out its color.

In your bedroom, this pothos is a nice hanging plant to have since they filter airborne toxins, so you breathe easier and get a better night’s sleep. 

English Ivy

English ivy is typically found covering stone or brick on exterior walls of buildings.

You can create this same look in your home to make a beautiful ivy wall. For a contained look, let the foliage hang loosely from a hanging basket.

English ivy is one of the most elegant indoor hanging plants. Its long vines also make it ideal for large rooms as they grow very tall.

Maidenhair Fern

This lovely indoor hanging plant is named for its delicate appearance, showing off its purple leaves beneath its green leaves.

The charming, feathery fronds make this a perfect plant to house in your living room. Keep these in a humid place with even lighting.

Pitcher Plants

Pitcher plants were forced to become carnivorous by the lack of nutrients in their native soil.

The pitcher plants prefer clean water and moist soil. The tall, brightly colored “pitchers” of this plant help attract prey.

Plant them in the kitchen or living room to deter bugs and use them as a conversation starter around entertaining areas.

Ripple Peperomia

These species of peperomia have heart-shaped leaves that come in different colors such as green, red, gray, and cream.

On some varieties, there are beautiful indentations that emphasize their vibrant colors and patterns.

The ripple peperomia’s striking appearance makes it the ideal conversation starter, especially as a hanging houseplant where guests can easily see the textured leaves.

Spider Plants

These Spider plants take up a lot of vertical and horizontal space, so they’re a perfect candidate for filling in those large bare spaces in your home.

The bright leaves have earned the plant many names, including the “airplane plant” and the “ribbon plant.”

Pet owners will enjoy these plants the most because they do not pose a threat to pets and are easy to keep alive. They are some of the best hanging indoor plants.

Staghorn Fern 

It’s hard not to like a staghorn fern because of its large, horn-like leaves that stand out from other ferns.

You may also mount these plants vertically on wood since these epiphytes are also epiphytes like Boston ferns.

Hang your staghorn somewhere that gets lots of sun and air circulation to allow the roots time to attach to the wood.

String of Nickles

Coin-shaped leaves and beautiful silver variegation grace these trailing epiphytes. They grow well on stones, woods and in baskets.

String of nickel plants require only occasional watering despite their ornate appearance. Put them in a spot with bright filtered light and water after their soil is dry.

Trailing Jades

Trailing jade plants are small greens with thin stems and circles of leaves that are found naturally covering rocks and crevices in their native tropical habitat.

This variety of peperomia has small roots, so overwatering can damage it. This plant is perfect if you want a houseplant that doesn’t trail busy foliage on long vines.

Final Thoughts

You can display hanging plants in different ways in your home. You can use stylish pots that give the room the feel you’re going for.

I hope this list of best hanging indoor plants gave you some ideas on plants to try. Please share the post and also follow me on Multigardneing Pinterest for more awesome posts on plants.

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