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Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking for the best flowers for hanging baskets then this list will give you some great ideas. Hanging baskets are great when you want to decorate your porch, patio, deck, or even inside the home. They are also great because you can rearrange them easily and move them to a different location.

Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Many flower types can thrive in hanging baskets. I love them because I also change them up more easily, I can pull out a flower and replant something else in its place.

Hanging baskets are also great for plant lovers with limited space. There is a wide variety of hanging baskets that includes small, medium, and large ones. You can also choose colors that are in line with the theme and look you want to achieve.


Nemesias are some of the best flowers for hanging baskets. The flowers can be planted either on their own or in mixed hanging pots. They produce upright stems with pretty little flowers.

The plants produce blooms although the summer months and sometimes they continue into mild winters.

The flowers can be found in different colors including purple, orange, pink, white, and yellow.  Some of the common varieties you can try to include are Dazzle-me Lilac and the Juicy Fruits.

Busy Lizzies

The Busy lizzies produce beautiful flowers in different shades of pink, red, white, and purple. The flowers are great for hanging baskets of all sizes and shapes.

For best results establish the baskets in shady places. The plants require a lot of deadheading which helps them continue producing fresh blooms well into autumn.

Ornamental Peppers

There are different types of Ornamental Peppers. However, these plants might not be the go-to-hanging basket plant for some people.

These fun plants are little, green, and bushy. They are a great source of bright color all through the season. They produce tiny showy fruits that go from bright red to black as they mature.

The fruits produced by most of the varieties can be eaten. Although they are not real peppers, they are ultra-hot. Keep them out of the way for toddlers and pets. Some of the common varieties that you could try include Purple Flash and Black Peral.


Petunias are versatile flowers that are easy to grow. They are a great choice that plant owners can use to bring a splash of summer color.

For hanging baskets, there are different varieties to choose from. You can go for those that grow up to 10 inches or trailing varieties that cascade.

The flower produces blooms in many colors including yellow, blue, pink, and some multi-color. The Petunias thrive in full sun, well-draining soils, and regular feeding. Deadheading also helps the flowers do well.

Million Bells

The Million Bells are also referred to as Calibrachoa. The flowers are available in a wide range of colors including white, pink, red, yellow, lavender, purple.

The Million Bells produce prolific blooms that last all through summer months. Applying fertilizer during the summer months promotes flower production.

They are great flowers for all types of hanging baskets, Just establish them in well-draining soils and water them regularly.


The begonias are grown for their beautiful foliage as well as their showy flowers. There are different varieties to choose from with different leaf shapes.

The blossoms are produced in different colors including white, orange, and pink. Begonias are hardy and can do well in different locations. Although they are tolerant, they don’t like sitting in soggy soil.

The plants make beautiful flowers for hanging pots and baskets. Some of the popular varieties that gardeners should try include the Dragon Wing and Santa Cruz.


Browallia is also commonly referred to as Bush Violet. The plants produce beautiful flowers with a velvety texture.

The blooms have rich blue petals with a light-blue center. The flower can be grown in hanging baskets and pots alone or with other companions. They reach a maximum height of about 14 inches.

The flowers are low maintenance and don’t need constant attention. However, they can be damaged easily by wind.

If you want flowers all through summer, feed them frequently during the growing months.


The pansy and viola are some of the best flowers for hanging baskets. They are available in a variety of colors including yellow, white, purple, and blue.

When planting them in hanging baskets, you can establish a single color in each pot or mix different colors. You can also add them in pots with late-blooming plants to get flowers throughout the season.

Pansies bloom through spring and fall. Some viola varieties extend into the first frost. Some of the varieties you can try for hanging baskets and pots include the Coll Wave and Anytime.

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Final Thoughts

When deciding which flowers to establish in your hanging pots, it is not enough to select the flower type. It’s important to understand that the flower cultivars under the same type can differ significantly.  

Check the details on each variety carefully to ensure that they will be suitable for the type of hanging baskets you want to put up.

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Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets and pots

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