Marigolds Care Indoors and Outdoors

Marigolds care indoors and outdoors

Proper Marigolds care indoors and outdoors will help you get awesome bright blooms. Marigold seeds are fast germinating and growing. The flowers are grown as annuals. They can be found in many colors including yellow, mahogany, cream, burgundy, orange, red, and bi-colors. The flowers are native to Mexico. 

Marigolds Care Indoors and Outdoors

Marigolds Flower Types

There are three types of Marigolds.

  • French Marigolds which grow to between 5-18 inches high. The types also produce flowers that are about 2 inches in diameter. They are short and bushy plants.
  • African Marigolds which grow about 2 feet tall. They also produce flowers that are about 5 inches in diameter. The flowers look like large pom-poms. They are available in yellow and orange.
  • Signet Marigolds are the edible varieties especially the Gem Varieties. They produce small and single flowers as well as lacy leaves. These types also have a lot of hybrid varieties.


Marigolds do well in slightly acidic soil with a pH of about 6. Avoid soil that is too acidic because they will not grow properly.

If your soil is too acidic, you can raise the pH by applying lime. Add the lime directly into the soil and mix it up. You should be careful not to overdo. 

Marigolds don’t require any particular soil mix. They will grow in all types of soils even lean ones where other flowers might have a hard time.


Marigolds should be grown in locations where they get full sun. All gardeners grow them as annuals. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures in different planting zones.  


Marigolds grow best when they can get at least hours of direct light every day. If you want to grow them in a hot zone choose a location with morning sun. If you want to grow them in cool climates choose a location with full sun. Providing them with enough light helps them bloom more.

When and How to Plant Marigolds Seeds

Marigolds are some of the easiest flowers to grow. They also grow very fast making them a great option when you want to get flower cover in an area.

Because they grow fast, they can be direct-seeded early spring after the last frost. They produce flowers all summer.

To keep your Marigolds blooming all summer, make sure to deadhead them. Remove all spent blooms to give them room to keep producing fresh ones.

Planting Marigolds Indoor

Marigolds can also be established indoor in pots. Seeds that have been given a head start will bloom faster when planted in the garden. Establish the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last day of frost.

After the weather warms you can transplant the seedlings outdoor. If you intend to grow them in pots throughout, you should make sure that the seeds are properly spaced.


Water Marigold plants regularly, especially if you have opted to establish the Marigolds as seeds directly planted in the ground.

As the Marigolds plants grow, water them frequently when the soil is one or two inches dry. Increase the frequency, during hot days.


Include organic fertilizer or compost mixed with the soil during establishment if you have extremely poor soil. After that, your flowers don’t need to be fertilized.

Diseases and Pests

Marigolds can grow to maturity without being attacked by any pests or diseases. They are sometimes grown as pest-repellant-plants as a way of protecting other plants.

Marigolds can be attacked by powdery mildew especially when they are too crowded. Planting them in locations where they are damp or there s too much humidity also increased the risk of powdery mildew.

Growing Marigolds with Companions

Marigolds can be grown successfully as border plants in the garden. You can grow Marigolds with other types of flowers; however, because they are super bright you have to be careful with the flowers you pair them with.

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Final Thoughts

Marigolds are gorgeous and flowers although summer. They are fast-growing annuals that gardeners in all zones can grow successfully.

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Marigolds Care Indoors and Outdoors Guide

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