20 Fall and Winter Outside Plants

Fall and Winter Outside Plants

The best fall and winter outside plants that will survive the low temperatures. The best time to buy plants for fall is early spring after the threat of frost has passed.

Most landscapers and gardeners recommend waiting until at least the end of May or the start of June, but before July 1st as long as there haven’t been any snowfall events.

After that date, it’s recommended to wait another week or two after checking what the first frost date is.

Fall and Winter Outside Plants

There are many plants that can be used to adorn your home for the fall season. Here are some suggestions:

Acer (any type)

They can grow up to about 30 feet tall and will provide nice color during the fall especially if you pick varieties with red leaves like rubrum, platanoides, and Saccharum. They can be planted in spring or fall.

Beech Trees

These trees are a great addition to your landscaping due to their autumn foliage color which is green during the summer and then a bright yellow color once it’s exposed to cold weather. They need plenty of room as they grow up to 70 feet tall.

Birch Trees

These trees are fantastic when it comes to colorful leaves, and they can grow up to around 40 feet tall.

The foliage will change colors during the fall, but its bark remains peeling through winter which looks nice especially if you live in areas with heavy snowfall due to the white color of its underbark.

Cherry (any type)

These trees can grow up to around 20 feet tall which makes them great for small landscaping projects.

They provide tulip-like flowers during the spring, and their seeds are known to be a food source for birds that migrate during winter, which is another way to bring in some avian activity into your yard.

Crabapple (any type)

These trees can be great for landscaping projects due to their small size, and they also provide red fruits that are really popular with birds during the winter months.

They require a bit more maintenance compared to other plants though since you have to remove any diseased or dead branches so it doesn’t affect the rest of the tree.

Dogwood (any type)

These are perfect for small-medium-sized landscaping projects especially if you want to bring in some color during fall with their pink flowers and red leaves.

They can also provide some snow interest as well since the branches droop down under the weight. They grow about 20 feet at full maturity.

Elm (any type)

These trees are beautiful during the fall because their leaves turn yellow, orange, and red hues which can brighten up your yard especially if you pick varieties like Valley Forge that grow only about 50 feet tall.

Hickory (any type)

Hickory is not recommended for small landscaping projects due to its large size. These trees provide beautiful yellow and red colors to your landscape during the fall, and they grow up to 50 feet tall.

The nuts can be harvested as food for wildlife such as squirrels which is another way of encouraging them into your yard.

Magnolia (any type)

This tree can provide beautifully fragrant flowers during spring, but it can also provide some snow interest since its leaves droop downwards. They’re able to grow up to around 40 feet tall so they are great for small-medium-sized landscaping projects.

Maple (any type)

These trees are very popular due to their vibrant colors during the fall especially red maple which can turn your yard into a red and orange wonderland.

They also provide some nice shade during the summer so they can be great for sitting underneath, and they only grow about 40 feet tall which makes them good for smaller landscaping projects. Check out this guide on how to grow Maple Trees.

Oak (any type)

There is no limit to how many types of oaks there are that can grow anywhere from 50 feet to 150 feet tall, and they all provide the same benefit which is nice autumn colors of orange, red, or yellow.

The acorns that grow on them are popular with squirrels during winter since it’s their primary food source.

Pine (any type)

These trees can handle some cold weather compared to some other types of trees which make them perfect for winter, but the foliage is still nice during fall with its vibrant colors of red, yellow, or brown. They can grow up to around 70 feet tall at their full maturity.

Spruce (any type)

Spruce trees are some of the more cold-tolerant trees, and they can also handle snow quite well with their droopy branches.

They are able to provide some nice shade during the summer months, but they are pretty popular with birds especially in winter since their needles can be eaten as a food source by various bird species.

Walnut (any type)

These trees are able to grow up to around 80 feet tall which makes them perfect for landscaping projects, but they provide incredibly nuts that are popular food for squirrels during the winter months.

Willow (any type)

These trees can bring a lot of bright color to your yard especially if you pick varieties like Golden Curl which have bright yellow leaves with unique curling patterns. They also grow up to around 40 feet tall so they are perfect for small-medium-sized landscaping projects.

Fall and Winter Outside Plants

Having some outside plants is a great way of adding some color to the gardens and yards. Although most of these trees will grow in most locations, choose the ones that fit well in the space that you have.

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Fall and Winter Outside Plants and trees

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