32 Best Plants Around The Pool

Best Plants Around The Pool

The best plants around the pool that won’t get ruined by splashes from errant swimmers. These plants grow great around your pool if you want a lush, green garden that looks great.

Best Plants Around The Pool

Plants provide a beautiful view of nature around the house, and they can also help create a calm atmosphere. One of the places that does well with some plants is the pool area. These are some of the plants that you can consider.

Banana trees

These almost 3-meter-tall beauties have a very impressive appearance and can even grow some tasty fruit.

One of the best things about the banana tree is the fact that it doesn’t mind if you’re splashing around in your pool. In fact, it will give you more shade on hot days.


Bromeliads are great for poolside planting because the water collects in the center of their leaves. It’s like having a nice little pond right there.

The bromeliads will grow some colorful flowers that look wonderful. Just make sure you don’t eat them, they are often poisonous!

Oasis plant

This is a great ground cover near the pool because of its many colors and underwater flowers. It’s fairly easy to maintain and won’t take up too much room around your pool, but it does require lots of attention.

The oasis plant can reach very deep underwater, so be careful not to put it too close to the pool. Otherwise, you may have a very colorful aquarium on your hands.


This is a very easy-to-maintain plant that comes in many different shades of green. It’s also incredibly hardy, which means it can easily stand up to errant swimmers’ footfalls without withering away.

The peperomia will eventually sprout some very small red flowers. They are pretty additions to the pool area.

Snake plant

This is one of the best plants to have near a pool because it can tolerate lots of sun, dry soil, and the occasional drenching by an overzealous swimmer.

The snake plant won’t mind your neglect; in severe conditions, it will simply shed its leaves once or twice a year. And, if you’re worried that it’ll be overtaken by algae, don’t. The snake plant is resistant to most types of algae!

Zebra plant

This is another great choice for poolside planting because the leaves are rough and durable. A zebra plant’s leaves never get soggy or rot away in pools.

The leaves are also sharp enough to puncture the feet of potential intruders and dissuade them from trumping on them. It’ll also grow little pink flowers that look very nice next to the water.

Aloe vera

Aloe is a great choice in plants because its long, sharp leaves can easily pierce through pool inflatables, keeping them where they’re supposed to be.

If you have children, this plant also helps protect them from accidentally falling into the pool by providing some ground cover next to it that makes it more difficult for little ones to climb over the wall.


Orchids are beautiful flowers that add a touch of glamour to any garden. Just be careful where you plant it because orchids typically need a lot of water and sun exposure in order to survive.

If you have an area near your pool with lots of sunlight, put the orchid there and it’ll grow quickly. Some orchid species are also delicate and will get damaged easily.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are perfect for poolside planting because they thrive in the water that splashes from kids’ activities.

In fact, they’re often used by florists to decorate wedding tables, because the groom won’t be bothered by water spilling all over.

The flowers look beautiful as they’re gently brushed. If you have a pool that is uncovered, place a peace lily next to it and enjoy its blossoms all summer long!

Heartleaf philodendron

A large heartleaf philodendron can offer lots of shade from those hot summer days when you’re lying out around the pool.

This is especially nice if you’re not allowed to have a permanent canopy up for any reason, but still want some shade during the hottest part of the day. It’s resistant to almost every type of algae and requires very little maintenance.

Ficus tree

Who can forget about this classic summertime tree? A Ficus tree is a great way to make any poolside look more tropical and lusher.

It also looks very nice around the hot tub, and has some fun fruits that you can eat! Just make sure you pick fruit from your Ficus tree early; those little bananas will attract monkeys if they’re not gone by the end of each day!


This lovely flower comes in many different shades of white, yellow, and pink. It’ll grow wonderfully near your pool because it loves lots of sunshine and water.

A gardenia plant will give off a wonderful fragrance each time you go for a swim or dip your feet in the water, too!

Just make sure you’re always around to water it every day, otherwise, your gardenia might die.

Garden mum

Garden mums are classic autumn flowers; they look beautiful and smell wonderful during those colder times of the year.

If you plant a garden mum next to your pool, it’ll make swimming all the more enjoyable as you pass by and get a whiff of its wonderful fragrance.

Garlic plant

Have trouble with demons in your pool? Plant some garlic around the perimeter! The smell of this plant will ward off any monsters that might try to get in, but it won’t bother you or your family either.

Be careful where you put the garlic plant though; if too many of the cloves break off, they can sprout more garlic plants and start a whole garden!

English ivy

The classic crawling plant that goes up walls and trellises works just as well around your pool if you need some extra ground cover. It’s very easy to maintain this plant, and it’ll grow quickly in most conditions.

English ivy is also a great way to cover up the rocks around your pool when you don’t have time to make a real stone wall.

Waffle plant

Need something with leaves that look like waffles? This tropical hanging plant does just the trick! Its long, green leaves are sure to add some extra flair and color to any pool area.

Just be careful with this one, because it has some sharp points on the leaves that can make it difficult for little ones to climb up.

Sports plant

This is a very unique type of ivy — sports ivy comes in many different colors and types of clothing. It’s great if you want something festive and bright around the pool.

Just make sure you don’t put it too close to the pool, as some of the more “athletic” types can reach up to 30 inches high!

Rubber plant

A rubber plant is a great way to add some interest and intrigue to your pool area during those hot summer days.

Its wide, glossy leaves add a nice burst of color to an otherwise monotonous scene, and the large rubber tree itself is also quite interesting.

Piggyback plant

The Piggyback plant provides a fun way to enjoy your poolside snack without worrying about ants or bees.

These little plants are known for carrying fruit around on their stems, allowing you to grab a quick bite of watermelon whenever you want!

Just be careful not to plant them too close to the pool, as the piggyback plant tends to fall over quite easily.

Ginger plant

Need something spicy? A ginger plant is perfect next to your pool! These are very colorful tropical plants that will brighten up any backyard.

Just be careful with this one, as ginger tends to “walk” if it’s not in the right spot. The walk of shame generally only lasts for a few hours at most, but you should definitely avoid putting it anywhere near your neighbor’s pool — or their yard, for that matter!

Best Plants Around The Pool

Adding some plants around your pool will bring some color and life into the space. Plants can also help cool the place down. If you go for tall plants, they will provide some shade during hot days.

I hope this post on the best plants around the pool was helpful and gave you some ideas. Please share it and also follow me on Multigardening Pinterest if you love plants.

Best Plants Around Pools

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