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Do Bees Sleep In Flowers

Do Bees Sleep In Flowers

Gardeners often wonder do bees sleep in flowers? Sometimes when you visit your flower garden in the morning, you might find some bees curled inside flower petals. Most people expect the bees to fly to their hive at the end of the day.

Do Bees Sleep In Flowers?

Bees sleep in flowers. There are some species that sleep in flowers more regularly compared to other species.

The gender of the bees also determines their likelihood to sleep outside in flowers.

Bee Species That Sleep In Flowers

All Wild Bee species sleep in flowers more regularly compared to honey bees. The majority of Honey bees return to their hives in the evening to rest for the night.

Some of species that sleep in flowers include:

Bumble Bees which often sleep in flowers during fall and autumn.

Melissodes Bees which often sleep with their heads buried inbetween the flower petals.

Carder Bees which sleep grasping small flowers.

Leafcutting Bees that also burry inside the flower petals for a night of sleep.

Ceratina Bees That also bury their head inside the flower blossoms and sleep.

Male and Female Bees Sleeping In Flowers

In general, the male bees sleep in flowers significantly more compared to the female bees.

Male bees from all wild species sleep in flowers often. The bees can be found in groups out at night resting in the same area.

Unlike males, most female bees often fly home at the end of the day. They eat nectar from the flowers during the day and rest in the hives for the night.

The males, eat nectar during the day and hole up in the same flowers for the night after the sun goes down.

One of the species with females that sleep in flowers is the Bumble Bees. The female Bumble Bees sleep in flowers during fall.

Which Flowers Do Bees Sleep In?

Bees can sleep in almost all types of flowers. However, certain flowers are favorites to certain bees.

Some of the flowers that bees prefer to sleep in include cosmos, sunflower, dahlias, thistles, peppermint, and lemon balm.

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Final Thoughts

If you spot some bees sleeping in your flowers, they are most likely males. Some of them look like they are dead, but the moment they are disturbed, they fly away.

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Do Bees Sleep In Flowers at night

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