Best Flowering Cactus Succulents

Best Flowering Cactus Succulents

Best flowering cactus succulents for pots, containers, planters, and gardens. Cactus flowers are gorgeous. They also vary depending on the shape, size, and colors. Most cacti are easy to care for and their blooms are huge and brightly colored making them a great addition to any plant collection.

Best Flowering Cactus Succulents

Cacti plants are easy to care for and grow. They are also great because you can grow them in one pot for many years. The different types also make it possible to choose the type that best fits your needs.


The Echinopsis are commonly known as the Hedgehog cacti, domino cacti, or urchin cacti because of their appearance. The Echinopsis is a large genus with very many hybrids. 

Getting these cacti to flower is easy. Position them in a nice sunny position. Also, provide them with a cold dry winter rest in readiness for the coming growing season. 

An example to try is the Echinopsis Mammilosa. Echinopsis are some of the best flowering cactus succulents.


Astrophytums produce the most incredible cactus flowers. Examples to try to include Astrophytum ornatum and Astrophytum capricorne.

The flowers are huge and usually bright yellow. They are easy to care for as well as get them to flower. Provide them with bright sunlight during the summer months and dry winter months. 


Gymnocalycium is easy to grow cactus even for beginners. The Gymnocalycium genus is very large and plant owners have a wide variety to choose from.

When provided with the right conditions, they can bloom although summer and almost into early fall. They are some of the best flowering cactus succulents.


There are different types of mammillarias. The cactus produces small clusters of brightly colored flowers. Although the flowers are small, they are also very pretty.

The flowers form a ring around the top of the rounded cactus. They are also easy to grow and almost anyone can get them to flower.


These are some of the best cactus to grow both in containers as well as directly in the ground. There are also available in different types and you can choose the type that best suits your needs.

They produce amazing flowers during spring. One of the types that I love is the German Empress Epiphyllum that produces pretty pink flowers.

Epiphyllum’s care is completely different from the care requirements of desert cacti. These prefer to be lightly watered during the winter months.

They are also not cold tolerant. They also can’t take too much dampness and cold because it can damage their stems. However, they can tolerate some humidity compared to other desert cacti.


The Parodia produce amazing flowers. They are also available in different sizes and you can choose the one that best fits your space.

An example to try is the Parodia Rubra chrysacanthion which is also commonly known as the Orange Flame because of its bright orange flowers.

Parodia cacti are easy to get to flower. The Parodia Magnifica also make great flowering cactus types.

Compared to other types of cacti, the Parodia require more frequent watering, especially during the summer months. Make sure your Parodia gets the necessary rest during winter so that it can go into bloom in spring.

Christmas & Thanksgiving Cactus

Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus are also known as Schlumbergera. Although they are often confused, the Christmas cactus and the Thanksgiving cactus are different.

The Christmas cactus flowers hang down while the Thanksgiving cactus flowers are more erect. However, the care for both of them is the same.

They prefer to have a little bit more shade compared to other types of cacti. When provided with the right conditions they will flower every year and will remain vibrant for years.

Another Holiday cactus that you could try apart from the Christmas cactus and the Thanksgiving cactus is the Easter cactus. The Easter cactus also produces gorgeous flowers.

However, the Easter cactus can be fussy and temperamental to grow. Getting them to flower can be a challenge especially for beginners who lack experience in growing fussy cacti.


Matucana produces large bright flowers that are great conversation starters. There are different types of Matucana to try including Matucana polzii and Matucana Madisoniorum.

Matucana is easy to care for cactus. Only water them when the top layers of soil are dry. Provide them with adequate light. Reduce watering during the winter months to allow them to rest. These cacti will give you several blooms every year.


Thelocactus are easy to grow provided you grow them in a cactus mix. One of my favorites is the Thelocactus Bicolor. It produces gorgeous pink silky blooms.

Thelocactus grow slowly and don’t require frequent repotting. They will also bloom every growing season as long as they had a good rest the previous winter.

Rebutia Sulcorebutia

The Rebutias are easy flowering cacti. They are also easy to grow and care for. However, they love to be repotted regularly.

Most cacti can grow in the same pot for years and still thrive especially the slow-growing types. The cacti will just require to be fertilized during the growing season and it’s easy to keep them happy.

The Rebutias are different and require repotting every couple of years. If your Rebutia fails to flower during the growing season, it is a clear sign that it wants to be repotted.

Rebutias can also take extremely cold winter temperatures rather well. The only thing you have to do is keep them dry during winter. If you keep them in a greenhouse outside, you don’t have to heat it for them and they will still survive.

During the growing months, these types of cacti do well in full sun to partial shade. They produce pretty flowers.

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Final Thoughts

Almost anyone can successfully grow cacti. They are easy to grow as well as get to flower. If you have had limited success with different types of flowers and plants, try cacti and you won’t regret it.

I hope this post on the best flowering cactus succulents was helpful. Please save it for future reference and also follow me on Multigardening Pinterest for awesome posts on gardening.

10 Best Flowering Cactus Succulents

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