Container Gardening Vegetables For Beginners

container gardening vegetables for beginners

container gardening vegetables for beginners ideas that anyone can try. Millions of people around the world enjoy container gardening because it is a fun and rewarding hobby.In addition to being relaxing and enjoyable, you also get to know where your plants come from!

Container Gardening Vegetables For Beginners

People increasingly believe that it is important to grow as much of their own produce as possible due to the many outbreaks of food poisoning occurring from things like lettuce and green onions.

Many people are nervous about container gardening, believing it to be too complicated and expensive. However, in reality, it is quite easy!

Here we examine how easy it is to set up a container garden in addition to the costs involved. We will grow basil in this example, however, you can grow any vegetables you want in your containers.

Just be sure to follow the planting and care that is specific for each of the vegetables. If you’re planting your vegetables in the fall check this post on Best Fall Planting Tips.

Container Gardening Supplies 

The following items will be needed in this simple container gardening example.

One packet of basil seeds, three plastic pots with drainage holes, preferably with trays underneath to catch drainage; two or three pots with drainage holes in the bottom; one or two pots without drainage holes and one or two deep pots.

Other items to prepare include one small bag of organic compost, a small bag of peat moss, a trowel, and a watering can or spray bottle.

Additionally, you will want a bright windowsill or a halogen or fluorescent grow light if you are growing in an area with insufficient light. 

If you have a sunny windowsill, you will only need around $20 in materials. If you need a grow light, that will run you anywhere from $15 to $20.

Preparing Soil Mix

Build up the soil by mixing together 1 part peat moss with 5 parts compost. Fill the three pots with this mixture, up to about an inch from the top.


Making holes in the center of each pot with your finger is a simple way of planting the seeds. Place about three seeds in each of the tiny holes.

Cover the seeds with the soil mixture. Water the arrangement lightly and place it at about an inch and two inches from a window. 

You can also place the arrangement under a grow light. Once the seeds sprout and reach the height of about 2 inches, remove any extra sprouts that may appear so that only one plant remains in each spot.

Care and Maintenance

To take care of your plants, you only have to water them regularly and make sure they are well maintained. Ensure the soil is moist every day.

Water lightly whenever the soil feels dry. To maintain a bushy growth, pinch off tops of stems every couple of weeks. Also, remove any flower buds to stop the herbs from flowering. 

Final Thoughts

I have grown many vegetables this way over the years. I love container gardening because it gives gardeners more control over their vegetables.

I hope this post on container gardening vegetables for beginners inspires you to grow some of your favorite. If you are still hesitant begin with some thing simple like basil or spinach.

After gaining some experience you can progress to other vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, and many more. Follow Multigardening Pinterest for awesome tips on vegetable gardening.

container gardening vegetables for beginners DIY ideas

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