How Do I Get A Monkey As A Pet In California

How Do I Get A Monkey As A Pet In California

If you are wondering, how do I get a monkey as a pet in California then keep reading. If you want an exotic pet then stay out of California. This State is known for the unshakable ban placed on owning exotic animals.

How Do I Get A Monkey As A Pet In California

You cannot get a monkey as a pet in California. It is illegal to have a Monkey as a pet in California and only organizations with a commercial permit are allowed to get monkeys.

I always try to research before acquiring any uncommon pet. The reason why California doesn’t allow Monkey pets are because of its damage to wildlife and agriculture but that is according to Californians.

You must have a specific reason to have an exotic animal and that reason should not be as a pet. You will also be required to have certain acreage and cages which have to be of a certain size and not a small one. The cages must be a certain distance apart from one another.

What Monkey Breeds Are Legal To Keep

In California, all breeds are illegal to keep. Gibbons, Gorillas, Orangutans, and Chimpanzees are all considered wildlife. You cannot import, sell or possess apes and use them as pets in California.

Each state is permitted to establish its laws and regulations regarding the ownership of exotic pets. States such as California, New Mexico, and New York prohibits Monkeys as pets.

People try to keep them anyway. There are several exotic creatures in this state. If you want to see monkeys you can find them in rehabilitation centers and private zoos.

You are only allowed to have one as a pet for commercial use or a zoo. You need a special permit for that and a good explanation to have one. There is nothing like Monkey breeds to keep and none are ethical.

Is It Ethical To Have A Monkey As A Pet

It is not ethical nor a good idea to keep any type of Monkey as a pet. Monkeys have emotional needs and are very intelligent. Keeping them in a cage is not good for their well-being. Many lethal human viruses are believed to have originated from mutating Monkey illnesses.

Monkeys belong to the jungle and should be allowed to grow up in their natural habitat. If in case you have a permit to keep a Monkey makes sure they have been tested for tuberculosis every year and have been vaccinated for human diseases to be safe.

Little Monkeys can bite people and even good trainers have to be careful. Advocates for Ferrets have made several unsuccessful attempts in the California Legislature to legalize Monkeys.

Where can I buy a pet monkey in California?

If you care for animals never buy a Monkey as a pet it stresses them especially when they grow up. California has the toughest law on keeping Monkeys. You can even be jailed for six months, or a civil fine of $500-$10,000 for keeping a Monkey illegally.

It’s not only the Monkeys that are illegal but other animals like Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Squirrels, and Gerbils.

Having an animal companion should be a mutual benefit between you and the animal. If you feel that you must keep a pet you can keep Hybrid Cats, Zebras, Monitor Lizards, American Bison, and second-generation Wolf Dogs.

Large constrictor Snakes, Toucans, Camels, Ostrich, and Tarantulas are among the 10 exotic pets that are legal to own in California.

Five illegal animals as pets in California

The lawmakers might decide that a certain animal is a threat to the environment, the animal itself, or a threat to human health.


California takes any exotic animal including Ferrets away from anyone without a permit. Ferrets are Mustelids. Their biological family includes Otters, Mink, Polecats, and Weasels. The California Department of Fish of Wildlife takes the position that escaped pets’ Ferrets pose a danger to birds and animals.

Ferrets are legal under most state laws like in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Wyoming, and many more. If you feel that you must have a ferret and can’t get a permit, you can go to these states that allow and make your dream come true.


Hedgehogs are cute nocturnal mammals. They have quills that do not detach from their bodies. No matter how cute they are, it is illegal to have them in California.

Their quills can penetrate one’s skin and transmit diseases. They are also not allowed for the risk they pose to native wildlife.

Check this post on owning a pet hedgehog in California.


I personally love these animals. The way they eat anything that looks tasty and the way they play makes me love them even more. Keeping a Squirrel in California is illegal. They have extremely sharp nails and teeth.

In California feeding a wild animal is illegal. You can be subjected to pay a $100 – $1000 fine for harassment under section 251.1 of the California Fish and game code.


Gerbils are popular pets in the United States but not in California. The climate is similar to a Gerbil’s natural desert dwelling. California’s state officials fear that Gerbils who escape into the wild can constitute feral habitation that would damage crops and native plants.

You can keep Golden Hamsters, Rats, or Mice for they are legal. They always give a reason of protecting natural resources, ecosystems, and native species.


Chipmunks are small rodents. They are usually lively and speedy even in their eating. They look more like Squirrels but they are not. They have pudgy cheeks, glossy eyes, and have bushy tails.

Some states allow keeping Chipmunks as pets in the United States but not in California. These states say it is legal to keep a Chipmunk until the end of their natural life but you cannot buy another.

You can be lucky to see some scampering through the undergrowth of alpine forests to shrubby deserts. Some make their home in nests but others live in burrows.

Owning A Pet Monkey In California

Before buying or adopting any animal check that it is allowed where you live or where you want to visit. Taking in wild animals without permission is discouraged in most states. Some animals have strict food diet requirements.

These states do this to protect public health and safety, natural resources, agriculture, and wildlife. One of the reasons is because Monkey’s numbers are threatened and endangered.  

I hope this post on how do I get a monkey in California provided some helpful information to consider before getting a pet monkey. Follow me on Pinterest for more on pets.

How Do I Get A Monkey As A Pet In California state

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