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12 Best Herbs For Countertop Container Gardening

Best Herbs For Countertop Container Gardening

These 12 best herbs for countertop container gardening can be grown by anyone. Most of them can be grown easily from seeds or cuttings. Keeping them near the window is very important since they need at least three to four hours of daylight a day.

Best Herbs For Countertop Container Gardening

Countertop space is limited and you can only have a limited amount of containers. These herbs can be grown in individual containers or together in one container. 

Check this post on how to grow vegetables in containers for beginners. It will help you grow all these herbs successfully.

Dill Container Gardening

Dill is easy to grow from seed. In a week or two, the seeds will sprout. Dill might not look like its signature shape of leaves in the first set of leaves, but the second set of leaves takes on its signature shape.

Dill leaves are very thin and appear like fine threads, making it ideal for growing on the kitchen counter.Dill is like a combination of fennel and celery and is a wonderful addition to soup and roasted potatoes.

Thyme Container Gardening

Tyme is a perennial herb that is easy to grow even for beginners. This common herb is a great countertop herb for any kitchen. 

Thyme is also winter and frost hardy, therefore, you can grow it outside successfully. Getting Thyme seeds to germinate can be difficult. For best results grow Thyme herbs from cuttings.  

Oregano Container Gardening

Oregano doesn’t do well in the winter. However, oregano can easily be grown on kitchen countertops. Oregano herbs can be grown easily  from cuttings or from seeds. The herb has a very strong flavor, so use oregano very carefully in your cooking.

Sage Container Gardening

Sage can tolerate temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius or 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Sage makes a good indoor herb if you live in an extremely hot or cold environment.

The herb has a piney and citrusy taste and can be used alone or combined with herbs like thyme and rosemary.

Parsley Container Gardening

Parsley enhances flavors and gives balance to savory dishes. The herb can withstand temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit or negative 12 degrees Celsius.

For best results, grow Parsley from seed. The herb is very handy in the kitchen because it can be added in all types of dishes including all meats, potatoes, and most vegetables. 

Cilantro Container Gardening

Cilantro is sometimes also called coriander. Cilantro is probably the most popular herb and is often used in Mexican and Indian cooking.

The Cilantro herb is best to grow from seed.Splitting the seeds before planting will ensure that they germinate quickly. In one week cilantro will begin to grow.

Cilantro planted in the spring rushes to bloom very quickly, so growing cilantro in the fall is the best choice. Nevertheless, you can always grow cilantro on your kitchen countertop all year round.

Tarragon Container Gardening

Tarragons are hardy perennials that tolerate frost quite well.Tarragone can thrive in temperatures as low as minus thirty degrees Fahrenheit or minus twenty degrees Celsius.If you grow this herb appropriately, you can even grow it in Alaska and other extremely cold regions.

When grown on countertops, Tarragons do really well. Tarragon is a popular herb in French cooking.

Basil Container Gardening

If you use small amounts of Basil you can grow them on countertops.However, if you use large amounts, you might need to grow them outside on raised beds. 

Basil can be grown outdoors in the summers. However, Basil dies in the winterbecause it;s leaves are delicate and it’s not cold tolerant. 

To keep Basil alive during the cold months. bring it inside. Propagate basil easily using cuttings or from seed.

It’s a versatile herb to have to grow on your kitchen counter and could not miss on this list of best herbs for countertop container gardening.

Mint Container Gardening

Mint herbs are great for making drinks and teas. You can grow healthy and full Mint herbs from cuttings or from roots. 

The herbs die back during winter months and regrow during spring months. Mint herbs grow like weeds as long as they are watered enough. When grown on countertops, mint herbs will provide fresh leaves throughout the winter. 

Rosemary Container Gardening

Rosemary is a favorite herb loved by many people. To propagate the herb, put Rosemary cuttings in water. The cuttings root easily and in several days you will have rooted cuttings that can be transplanted into pots or directly in the ground. 

Rosemary herbs are cold tolerant. If you don’t live in a region that gets too cold and the ground freezes over, you can keep your rosemary outside all year round. However, if it gets too cold, bring them indoors. 

Chives Container Growing

Chives can be grown easily and successfully on countertops as long as there is sufficient light. Use light well-draining soil for growing chives.

Chives are best grown from seedlings. Transplant your seedlings into larger pots and water them regularly.

Final Thoughts

Growing your own herbs comes in handy when cooking. You will be sure of the quality of the herbs you’re eating. You will also have them readily available and super fresh when you need them. 

Growing herbs indoors does not have to be complicated. You also don’t have to begin growing all of them at once. Begin with two or three and add to the collection as you gain more experience. 

I hope this post on Best Herbs For Countertop Container Gardening inspired you to grow your own fresh herbs. Please share it and also follow me on Multigardening Pinterest for more on gardening. 

Best Herbs For Countertop Container Gardening

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