Simple Beautiful Pretty Flowers

Simple Beautiful Pretty Flowers Arrangements

Simple beautiful pretty flowers that will give you inspiration for gorgeous arrangements. Get great ideas for your spring, romantic, bouquet, centerpieces and other floral designs.

Simple Beautiful Pretty Flowers

You don’t have to buy expensive flowers for different functions or for home decoration. Make pretty designs with the flowers that you have access to.

All you need is a little creativity and you can turn cheap grocery store flowers into beautiful flower arrangements. I like to use the flowers I grow in my garden as the base and add other cheap flowers from the store.

Simple Pretty White Flower Arrangement

Pretty White flowers arrangement

This simple pretty white flower arrangement is easy to make. It has only two types of flowers the main flowers and the filler flowers.

You can get two types of flowers from your own garden. I make these types of floral designs by walking around the garden and cutting any flowers that I can find.

If you don’t have all white flowers, you can use any colors that you have. You can also purchase cheap flowers from the store and cut some foliage from around the house.

Pretty Artistic Flower Arrangements

Pretty artistic flower arrangements

You can make pretty artistic flower arrangements when your creative juices are flowing. This is when sticking flowers in a vase will not cut it.

This types of floral designs don’t require a lot of flowers but they do require a bit of creativity and patience. However, with a bit of practice, you will be able to make gorgeous arrangements with less effort.

I like these artistic arrangements because they are great conversation starters. By playing around with a few flowers and foliage, you can make something unique.

Simple Pretty DIY Gift Flowers

Simple Pretty DIY Gift Flowers

If you grow flowers, the simple pretty DIY gift flower arrangement is definitely for you. Most people, especially women love receiving flowers as gifts. You can never go wrong with a flower gift.

If you’re going for something simple, just walk around your garden and cut all types of flowers that are about to bloom or are in full bloom.

Lay them on a flat surface and make sure the tops are as equal leveled as possible. Cut the bottom of the stems to the same level.

Wrap the flowers in pieces of newspaper and tie it all together. When I want my DIY flower gift to look nice, I pick one or two flowers for uniformity. I also use pretty and colorful paper to wrap the flowers.

Beautiful Large Flower Arrangements

Large beautiful flower arrangements

You make large flower arrangements when you have lots of flowers. I make these types of arrangements during spring when most types of flowers are in bloom.

Get as many flowers as you want as well as different types of foliage. Get the biggest container, or vase in your house. Soak some floral foam over night in water.

Fit as much floral foam into your container as possible. Them begin sticking flowers and foliage into the floral foam. The best way is to begin by making a base using only the foliage. Follow by inserting the largest flowers, followed by the second largest and so on filling all the gaps.

Turn your arrangement as you insert the flowers so that you can make sure all the sides are balanced. Also be gentle with the flowers so that you don’t snap the stems.

These are some of my favorite floral designs to make in the spring and summer because I can use all sorts of flower types and colors. There are also no rules so anything works.

Cute Small Flower Arrangements

Cute small pretty flower arrangements

Cute small pretty flower arrangements are perfect for party decorations. You can decide to make them as simple or as complicated as you want. You can even make several and put them together to make a beautiful centerpiece.

These types of arrangements can be used for bridal showers, baby showers as well as everyday home decoration placed on coffee tables, counter tops, and desks.

You can make the arrangements all sorts of small containers. I have gotten away with making them in tea cups. However, if you want to make them look nicer, you can make them in small glass vases especially the square ones.

Final Thoughts

I love growing all types of flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It is so fulfilling to make pretty flower arrangements using my flowers.

In the event that I don’t have the types of flowers I want for a certain arrangement, I always go for cheap grocery store flowers. You can get all types of flowers including different rose flower types.

I hope you got some inspiration from these simple beautiful pretty flowers. Even if you have limited experience in making flower arrangements, give it a try. Also, follow me on Multigardening Pinterest for more flower arrangement ideas.

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